About us

RESSO is a Portuguese brand of handmade wooden products, which was born from the desire of two sisters to get handmade pieces that demonstrated a perfect balance between sustainability, fashion, design and quality.
Together with experienced joinery and design professionals we form a young and dynamic team, always involved in urban culture and conscious about the importance of protecting the environment.



The manufacture of each pair of glasses goes through many delicate steps at a highly demanding level. Each pair of glasses is the result of several hours of handmade work, so we can offer high quality unique pieces. The wooden glasses became a unique and exclusive fashion accessory. There aren’t two pairs of RESSO wooden glasses there are equal, because each piece is completely handcrafted. And the wood, being a natural material, is always different. Each pair of glasses can be customized and is available in two sizes.
They are light, comfortable, beautiful and very resistant. The wood used is treated to resist sun, moisture and other climatic variations.
The clutch bags and the wallets RESSO are manufactured with the finest woods from sustainable source. The interior and the exterior, is completely handmade with great dedication. The clutch bags and the wallets are a unique product that can be used as a fashion accessory.



The RESSO products are produced only with sustainable wood, from plantations and prefabricated wood. Environmentally friendly products are used in the manufacture, so that the use of chemicals and toxic products is avoided. This way, our products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

How to care for the glasses

Wooden glasses have different characteristics from acetate and metal glasses. These characteristics are typical of the raw material, therefore a special care is required.

Caring for your RESSO wooden glasses:

Do not clean dry clean the lenses;

Do the wooden glasses cleaning using a wet cloth and a dry cloth right after;

Do not keep your RESSO wood glasses in your pocket, bag or backpack and avoid hanging them on your shirt, t-shirt, etc. If you are not using your glasses, keep them in a safe place, inside the cloth kit and the wooden case that comes with the chosen model.

RESSO wood glasses are water-resistant, but we don’t recommend it’s constant exposure, submerging them in water or using them in the sea or in the swimming pool. Over time, the wood would eventually lose it’s luster, strength and durability;

Acrylic or polycarbonate lenses can only be placed by a professional on your RESSO wood glasses;

Don’t try to handle, straighten or bend your wood glasses.


Technical information